For some owners, hiring a General Contractor is the preferred method of project delivery, keeping their involvement to a minimum. Contracts for General Construction represent more than 50% of our annual volume, and have for over 30 years. Design professionals are hired by the owner to prepare bid documents, and procure competitive bids for the work. The successful bidder then qualifies his bid to the designer, and the process starts. This method of delivery is most common with public entities and municipalities, however, many private sector owners prefer this method also, as it leaves a design professional in charge, and lessens the day to day involvement of the owner. The Bonacquisti Brothers Construction team is well versed in these projects, backed by over 30 years of General Construction experience for both public and private entities. Our management and administration teams, along with our large in-house labor force ensure successful delivery of a quality project.


The management and oversight of your project is just as critical as proper planning. Bonacquisti Brothers Construction adopts a team concept for every Construction Management project. The owner, design professionals and the project administrators all work together towards the common goal; the successful management of your project from start up through completion. We will be the owner’s primary contact throughout the process, assisting in all critical decisions. We will closely examine all facets of the project from a value engineering standpoint, create accurate schedules, and build the field team that will perform the work. Bonacquisti Brothers Construction has been in the building business for close to 35 years, we use that experience to guide and manage all of the partners involved in your project every step of the way.


Design-Build contracting is becoming more and more common as a project delivery method. It is a good option for owners who seek a single source of contact, and one who is basically responsible for the scope of the entire project. Pre-construction and planning, design, administration and construction all fall under the purview of the Design-Build contractor. This method does offer several advantages; the designer and contractor start working together from day one to ensure that project design and the cost to construct are closely monitored. This allows for a more realistic budget early on. As the project Design/Builder, Bonacquisti Brothers Construction possesses the technical capability as well as the financial strength to succeed in this role. With our wide range of experience we bring the right designers and subcontractors to provide a turnkey solution to any project. From start to finish, our team is intimately involved and aware of all project details.